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Announcement: Virtual Congress

10th ICCEES World Congress 2021

Announcement: Virtual Congress

Considering the global pandemic and its impact on international travel, and after consulting with ICCEES and with registered participants, the Organizing Committee announces that the ICCEES 10th World Congress 2021 will be a virtual event.

We are working to ensure a stimulating, enriching World Congress experience for all participants. The virtual Congress will comprise lively, interactive panels, roundtables, and keynote events. In addition to the main program, participants will have diverse opportunities for virtual connections, informal discussions, and consultations. Other activities will include film screenings, an art exhibit, and an exhibitor fair.

The shift to a virtual format presents other significant benefits. Many people who previously could not consider participating because of travel costs can now be part of the World Congress. It will also be much easier to join with colleagues worldwide in creating strong panel and roundtable proposals. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of this wider accessibility.

The New Call for Proposals is open, and we look forward to your panel, roundtable and individual paper proposals!

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