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Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Kimura (1936-2019)

Remembering Professor Hiroshi Kimura (1936-2019)

The belated news of the passing of Professor Hiroshi Kimura brought forth fond memories and recollections from his colleagues in the West. Professor Stanislav J. Kirschbaum of Canada, former secretary of the International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES), in announcing the news wrote:” I have fond memories of the trip to Japan he helped organize. He was gentle man, serious, and scholarly. He did ICSEES and Japan proud.” Professor Leslie Holmes of Australia, a past president of ICCEES, concurred: “what a wonderful ICSEES/ICCEES meeting he organised for us in Japan so many years ago now.” Professor Ferdinand Feldbrugge of the Netherlands, also past president of ICCEES, wrote: “In his long-time position as vice-president, he proved himself to be not only an effective and sensible manager, but also a kind and modest person. The merit of securing Japan’s active and significant involvement in ICCEES was mainly his.” Current ICCEES President, Professor Georges Mink of France, underlined that he was “an excellent specialist in international relations. His work on Japan (Asia)-Russia relations is still a good reference.”  For Professor Thomas Bremer of Germany, former vice-president of ICCEES, “he was a fine man.” Professor John Elsworth, also past president of ICCEES, summed up best the esteem in which he was held: “He was, indeed, a very gentle and devoted man, whom it was an honour to know.”

All join in Professor Holmes’ farewell to Professor Kimura: “Rest in peace, Hiroshi; we’ll miss you!”

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