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Update from the Organizing Committee

10th ICCEES World Congress
3–8 August 2021, Concordia University – Montreal

Update from the Organizing Committee (9 February 2021)

Greetings and good wishes to all ICCEES member associations and individual association members!
In response to challenges and disruptions caused by the pandemic, ICCEES is moving forward with plans for a virtual Congress in 2021. Though the virtual format cannot replace in-person meetings, in the ongoing global emergency it does have a number of benefits:

1) It enables a direct, secure exchange of innovative, critical scholarship despite current restrictions on international travel.

2) The elimination of travel expenses and significant reduction in registration fees provides greater access to the World Congress experience for many participants, who might otherwise be unable to join us.

3) In addition, the Organizing Committee is working hard to enrich the World Congress experience for each and every participant. Beyond the core program of panels and roundtables, we are developing diverse opportunities for new connections, networking, informal discussion meetings, and collaborative projects. We have already confirmed numerous exciting activities (workshops, art exhibit, film screenings, special lectures, a musical concert, publication events), and others will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

At a time when many scholarly meetings have been cancelled or postponed, our Congress is shaping up as a very stimulating, multi-faceted, and memorable event! The ICCEES World Congress happens only once in five years, and “history has proven” that participants benefit through valuable new contacts, ideas, and lifelong international connections. So don’t miss it!

Please submit your panel, round table, and paper proposals by March 31 through the Congress website at:

We are happy to answer your questions at:

We look forward to meeting everyone and to joining the teams at ICCEES, Concordia University and the Canadian Association of Slavists in welcoming you to this amazing event!      

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