Call for Application: Davis Center Fellows for Russian and Eurasian Studies Postdoctoral and Regional Fellowships

The application period for 2016–2017 fellowships runs from October 1, 2015–January 7, 2016. The Fellows Program Committee is interested in applications from scholars currently working on the  2016–2017 theme, “Ideas, Ideologies, and Power: Eurasia Past and Present,” or equally, those working on unrelated themes, but who are interested in exploring the theme. (Note that scholars whose work does not address the selected theme are encouraged to apply for fellowships at the Davis Center, and their applications will receive full consideration.)


The 2016-2017 Davis Center Fellows Program will be coordinated by Professors Rawi Abdelal (Business School) and Justin Weir (Slavic Languages and Literatures). The theme of the program is “Ideas, Ideologies, and Power: Eurasia Past and Present.” The Davis Center encourages prospective fellows to interpret the theme broadly and welcomes all applications. We are particularly interested in discovering and cultivating the connections among the scholarly literatures in the humanities and social sciences that explore Russia, the Soviet and post-Soviet space, and other nations and regional orders. We hope to trace the ideational and ideological lineage of contemporary debates about the character of the post-Soviet region—sometimes called Eurasia. Recognizing that Eurasia is a term freighted with meaning, we are interested in how the past informs present practice, as well as how contemporary events invite a re-narrating of the past.

Scholars working on the influence and mobility of ideas, the construction and evolution of ideologies, and the inter-connections among different forms of power would be welcome members of the year’s intellectual community. Questions of culture, language, literature, art, political economy, and geopolitics will inform our exploration. Any scholar whose research touches on the work of the Davis Center community is welcome to apply for to the Fellows Program. We invite applicants to consider some of the ways in which their work speaks to these thematic elements.

Types of Fellowships

The Center awards two types of fellowships: Postdoctoral and Regional. The terms and maximum stipend amounts for these awards are detailed below. Scholars with outside or sabbatical funding who wish to be in residence at the Davis Center in 2016–2017 should apply using the Visiting Scholar application.

Hide Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • For junior scholars who will have completed the Ph.D. or equivalent by September 2016, but no earlier than September 2011 (less than five years ago).
  • Stipend of up to $40,000 for 9 months or $53,333 for 12 months.
  • Scholars may apply to be in residence for 9 months or 12 months.
  • Up to $5,000 in additional research funding.
  • Eligible for employee benefits (including subsidized health insurance).
  • Shared office space and borrowing privileges at Harvard libraries provided.
  • Citizens of all countries may apply.
Hide Regional Fellowships
  • For advanced scholars who have completed a Ph.D. or equivalent by September 2009 or policymakers, journalists, and other specialists.
  • Stipend of up to $47,000.
  • Scholars may apply to be in residence for one full academic year (9 months) or one semester (4.5 months).
  • Medical insurance subsidized.
  • Shared office space and borrowing privileges at Harvard libraries provided.
  • Citizens of Eastern Europe and states of the former Soviet Union may apply.

Application Deadline: January 7, 2016.

For more informations please visit the website.

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