Call for Articles: The Holocaust in Central and Eastern Europ, New Perspectives and Research Results

A Thematic Issue of the Hungarian Historical Review

The reorientation of Central and Eastern European historiographies after 1989 coincided with a major wave of research into the history of the Holocaust. Two of the crucial results of these intense efforts have been that the history of the Holocaust is now much more thoroughly embedded in diverse local and national contexts and is understood as a European cataclysm with substantial or even decisive involvement of non-Germans. Building on these insights, the Hungarian Historical Review is seeking papers to be published as part of a thematic issue devoted to new research directions and innovative findings in Central and Eastern European Holocaust historiography. The editors are especially interested in papers on the following topics, though alternative themes would also be considered:

   – Comparative and transnational studies of Central and Eastern European states allied to Nazi Germany and their policies towards their respective Jewish populations and each other with foci on their perpetrator roles in the Holocaust and other mass crimes during the years of the Second World War
   – Local and regional analyses of interethnic relations and the history of mass violence and genocide, including the relations between violence against Jews and other groups
  – Studies on Holocaust perpetrators, their socialization, organizations, ideologies, motivations and everyday practices on the local, national and transnational levels
   – Cultural aspects of the Holocaust such as genocidal fantasies and policies to destroy Jewish culture, on the one hand, and Jewish responses to persecution and genocide, on the other
   – Contemporary practices of Holocaust commemoration in Central and Eastern Europe and the contested nature of Holocaust remembrance since 1989 in a comparative and transnational perspective

We provide proofreading for contributors who are not native speakers of English.

Please send an abstract of no more than 500 words, a brief biographical sketch and selected list of three publications (no full CVs please).

The editors will ask the authors of selected papers (max. 10 000 words) to submit their final articles no later than January 31, 2015.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts: June 30, 2014.

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