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David Gillespie (ed.): Masculinity, Violence and Power in Modern Russia Men, Guns and Identity, UK 2015, 256pp. ISBN: 978-0-415-67064-7

This book explores the phenomenon of violence in Russian culture, showing how violence has been a legitimate articulation of masculinity in Russia, and how popular attitudes towards violence have differed from those in the west, with Russians often approving of violence and of macho, militaristic political leadership. The book examines the nature of violence and masculinity in film, literary fiction and popular television series, and discusses the repercussions of this culture of violence for cultural symbolism, political decision-making, nation-building and international relations. It shows how Putin’s continuing popularity is linked to his projection of himself as a macho leader, and how some media is subversive of these popular and state attitudes, portraying “real men” who turn out to be weak and hollow, as is the ideology underpinning them.

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