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Dulbaa Altai

Prof.Altai Dulbaa is Senior Researcher, Russian Studies Division, Institute of International Studies, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, (since November 2012). She is a historian, graduated the National University of Mongolia in 1979, she received a PhD in 1991 from Academy of Social Sciences, Russian Federation, Moscow.

Since establishing the Mongolian Association for Central and Eastern European Studies (MACEES) in December 2012, she worked as Executive Director, then from September, 2017 also, elected to Chairperson, MACEES.

Prof.Altai Dulbaa is the author of 6 books, such as, “Mongolia and modernization.” 39 p., Ulaanbaatar (further UB), 1996; “Mongolian women’s organization. Brief history (1924-2008).” 281p., Ulaanbaatar, 2008; “Democracy, Development, Women.” 120 p. UB, 2010; “Neighbor Relationship, Russian-European Studies.” Institute of International Studies, Academy of Sciences, Mongolia, 344 p. UB, 2020. She wrote more than 40 research articles, some of them published in Russia, Republic of Korea, United States. Also, she is the co-author of 15 joint studies, such as “World History of XX century.” State Pedagogical University of Mongolia, 418 p., UB, 2001; “Strategic partnership and changing external relations of Mongolia.” Institute of International Studies, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, 297 p. UB, 2015; “Foreign policy of Mongolia: History and Nowadays.” Institute of International Studies, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, 435 p. UB, 2018.

Prof. Altai Dulbaa is the editor in chief of the journal of the MACEES “Central and Eastern Europe”, ISSN: 2409-4773. Since 2013, 5 volumes of this journal have been published. From 2017, she is a member of the editorial board of the journal “European studies”, ISSN: 2524-2997. Now 5 volumes have been published.


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